Thank YOU Family!

 Hello Weaver Family!

I want to thank all of you for responding to our Family Newsletter with positivity and excitement! While the first official Newsletter won’t be out until January of 2021, I understand that family sometimes only comes around when they are looking for help in rough times. While that shouldn't necessarily be a reason to turn away family, let me assure all of you that my intentions are pure and I want to celebrate one another and promote positivity. The currency I speak now is love and I come to only bring positive vibes into your life by sharing joy and happiness! Corny or not the most incredible moments of my life mean nothing if I cannot share them with my family.

So, everything else aside, I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart and not asking for a penny, managerial help, cheap attention, or wanting some ego boost. Like all of you, I am not the person of my past, life has moved forward but family will always be of the utmost importance to me no matter what. All I will ask is for participation, to share this Newsletter with other family members who may wish to read it, and fill out a short form here and there. But this is 100% voluntary, and I do not want this to be another task or chore for any of you. Everyone and everything isn't on social media so this is a way we can stay connected in a positive way. So, for those who may be skeptical, allow me to explain what the Newsletter/Contact List is not for:

  • The Chastise and Get Right Gospel 
  • The Come to Jesus Gazette
  • The I'm Better and Holier Than Thou Testimonial
  • CNN/Fox News Political Opinion
  • The Go Fund Me I Need Financial Help Daily
  • The Woe is Me Attention Seeking Chronicles
  • The Narcissistic Egotistical Rant Monthly
  • The "Yall Hiring" and "I Need a Place to Stay" Post
  • The Exploit and Harass My Family Times
  • The Help Me with my New Get Rich Quick Scheme Flyer
  • The Judgmental Negative Angry Press
  • The Fix My Life Tribune
  • The Gossip “Say What”? Ratchet News
  • Craigslist, TMZ, Uber, Postmates or Doordash etc. etc.

I have a zero-tolerance for any of that, and I’m sure you all do as well. A family should have fun with one another without feeling mistreated, used, disrespected, cheated, or mishandled. Anyone using the contact list for personal gain, settling scores, asking for unreasonable things, harassment, or other things that misuse the kindness and trust of family, will have their access to the Contact List removed. I can promise that this Newsletter/Contact List will be used for:

  • Celebrating Birthdays and Life
  • Announcing things like retirements, promotions, new jobs, upcoming births, baby showers, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, graduations, etc.
  • Important family notices for significant events
  • Events that are organized, planned out, timely, and up and up that you wish to have the entire family attend. 
  • Prayer requests so we can uplift you if you are going through a tough time or, say, for example, you’re hoping that you passed the interview for your new and exciting job.
  • Most importantly FUN!

Thank all of you again for your excitement! Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to fill out the Contact List form too! For those who haven’t, there will always be time, and there will never be a deadline! I will do my best to plug in the missing pieces, but if I miss anything that I’m not aware of, please don’t charge that to my heart as I can only do so much.

Until next time, you all be safe and continue to enjoy your Holidays! 

Much love!


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Weaver Family List Contact Form

Please fill out the form below and send your reply to


Right to Privacy Notice

The only things that are required to fill out this form are your Name and Birthday. Any other information can be filled out if you want it shared, and if not, you can leave the rest blank. If you have specific instructions, please leave them in the comments portion of the form. I want to respect your privacy and will only share what you want shared. But the more you share, the more we can celebrate with each other!






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