Happy Holidays Weaver and Extended Family!


Season’s Greetings Weavers and Extended Weaver Family!


As we close a very memorable year, let us be thankful for all that we do have in our lives. Amongst those things, let's be grateful for the blessing that we all have with our family. The old saying goes that the world's wealthiest person isn't wealthy due to their money, fame, or fortune but the family they possess. So while we are all here, let's cherish and love one another while we celebrate another year together. Let us also pray for those who may need strength, especially our own Dominick, and continue to ask God to watch over them and keep them safe through the Holidays.


As we head into 2021, as may you already may know, I am starting a Weaver Family Newsletter that you will receive monthly. This will be a way we can celebrate one another in love, show support, and continue to share beautiful memories with one another in the future. Especially with the uncertainty of COVID around us we can celebrate together in a healthy way and remain socially distant. Attached to this email is a link to a Google Form for you to fill out to help create an updated Family Contact List. All that is required is your Name and Birthday, but the more you share, the more we can celebrate as a family! If you are unable to fill out the form online, I will be adding the questions to this email to just reply with your answers that way.


So as we end this year, let us go into 2021 together with a renewed mind, focus, and spirit! Let's never forget the ones that are no longer here with us and in their honor, celebrate with one another while we still can. This year has taught me that time on this Earth is short and life is precious, so let us shower each other with our praise, love, care, and celebrate all of our joy as a family while we are still living to do it! 


Let's celebrate with our family, who have birthdays in December!

Jackie Etheridge - 12/10

Kaeleana Etheridge- 12/31 (Turning 1 year old!)

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone else in our family or extended family who would like to celebrate with us going into 2021!


Much love family! Happy Holidays to all of you! Stay safe during your travels and gatherings! God Bless and I will speak to you next year!





Contact List Google Form Link:




Weaver Family Contact Form

Please fill out the form below and send your reply to theweaverfamilynewsletter@gmail.com.


Right to Privacy Notice

The only things that are required to fill out this form are your Name and Birthday. Any other information can be filled out if you want it shared, and if not, you can leave the rest blank. If you have specific instructions, please leave them in the comments portion of the form. I want to respect your privacy and will only share what you want shared. But the more you share, the more we can celebrate with each other!






Spouse Name/Birthday




Child(rens) Name(s)/Birthday




Physical Address


Mailing Address


Phone Number (Home)


Phone Number (Cell/Message)


Social Media (Facebook Profile or @ Names)




  1. This is awesome Lil Bro!! You did that my man. I believe you have all our information.

    Take care


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