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Thank YOU Family!

  Hello Weaver Family! I want to thank all of you for responding to our Family Newsletter with positivity and excitement! While the first official Newsletter won’t be out until January of 2021, I understand that family sometimes only comes around when they are looking for help in rough times. While that shouldn't necessarily be a reason to turn away family, let me assure all of you that my intentions are pure and I want to celebrate one another and promote positivity. The currency I speak now is love and I come to only bring positive vibes into your life by sharing joy and happiness! Corny or not the most incredible moments of my life mean nothing if I cannot share them with my family. So, everything else aside, I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart and not asking for a penny, managerial help, cheap attention, or wanting some ego boost. Like all of you, I am not the person of my past, life has moved forward but family will always be of the utmost importance to me no matte

Happy Holidays Weaver and Extended Family!

  Season’s Greetings Weavers and Extended Weaver Family!   As we close a very memorable year, let us be thankful for all that we do have in our lives. Amongst those things, let's be grateful for the blessing that we all have with our family. The old saying goes that the world's wealthiest person isn't wealthy due to their money, fame, or fortune but the family they possess. So while we are all here, let's cherish and love one another while we celebrate another year together. Let us also pray for those who may need strength, especially our own Dominick, and continue to ask God to watch over them and keep them safe through the Holidays.   As we head into 2021, as may you already may know, I am starting a Weaver Family Newsletter that you will receive monthly. This will be a way we can celebrate one another in love, show support, and continue to share beautiful memories with one another in the future. Especially with the uncertainty of COVID around us we can celebr

Coming Soon January 2021!